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Natural Antibiotics that Fight Infection

Many of us no longer want to jump on the antibiotic bandwagon each time we get a sore throat or infection. These apprehensions are well-founded considering the more recent occurrences of Candida and fungal infections that are thought to be caused by antibiotics, and the fact that diseases seem to be getting smarter each day. When bad bacteria are surviving through multiple Penicillin prescriptions – we’ve got to look elsewhere for answers . That’s where natural remedies and natural antibiotics come play. Here’s a natural guide to natural antibiotics.

Prescription Antibiotics Have Their Place

Your medical doctor may have good reason for prescribing a round of antibiotics. They are meant to kill off all bacteria. So, when taken for a bad infection – they should rid your body of the illness.

Misuse and overuse of meds causes our bodies to have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. This means that we lose our natural ability to fight disease. By not allowing ourselves sufficient healing time after an infection, our immunity becomes weaker. Unfortunately, in traditional medicine this usually leads to an increase of antibiotic prescriptions.

If you recognize the maddening cycle of poor health that can be caused by overuse of antibiotics, consider these natural remedies.

Think of Food as Natural Alternative Medicine

Food can heal or harm — depending on the amount used, form it is taken in and what it is combined with. Some major problems with natural remedies are that most people have no idea as to the amounts they need to take for a cure, they expect instant results, or they only put half efforts into healing.

The Wonders of Garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. However, you need to consume lots of it in order to realize its benefits. You can hold raw garlic under your tongue or drink its juice for a more effective way of assimilating the healing properties. Cooking with garlic does help maintain health – however, the herb loses potency when cooked. You may be better off purchasing garlic pills, which contain only active ingredients, when you are ill.

Read The Labels

It is important that supplements are pure. Added preservatives add to your pain, by making it harder for your body to recognize the medicinal qualities. Unlike drugs, garlic’s antibacterial/antifungal properties only kill off bad organisms – leaving your body more capable of naturally eliminating bad bacteria. You can use garlic on a daily basis to help prevent illness and may need more when you are sick. In the case of serious infections, you may need to combine garlic with prescriptions or other natural remedies. Overdose is unlikely because the body will generally take what it needs and get rid of the rest. However, as with any medicine, overdose is possible.

When using garlic as an alternative method, expect to sweat and possibly get teary eyes or a runny nose. If over-used, you can experience serious skin problems and eye pain.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a tasteless liquid can be taken in place of an antibiotic, and is especially helpful for upper respiratory ailments. Dosage is key. If you want to take this instead of an antibiotic, you need to begin at the onset of an illness and take the max dosage without skipping a dose. Colloidal Silver will kill both good and bad bacterium — which means you need to keep adding disease fighting good bacteria to your diet.

Many people have great results using CS routinely. However, in extreme cases over-use can cause the skin to turn grey. CS is made from pure silver and was used in the U.S. to effectively fight bacterial infections until the late 1940’s. You can get a good bottle for about $ 25 at a health food store, and you should be able to get info on the best brands from store managers or your holistic health practitioner.

Remember: product impurities may cause adverse side effects.
Other Natural Alternatives

Cooking Materials?

Lemon, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cumin, Cayenne Pepper and Onions are all cleansing and purifying foods that will help detox most illnesses. You can cook with them and eat them as much as you want.

What about Echinacea?

Echinacea is a flower/herbal immune booster. For starters, try it in the form of a tea. Stay clear of teas that include citric acid, which may inhibit the medicinal properties.

Patience Heals

For the most part, natural remedies seem to take longer to cure you than prescription drugs. This is because prescriptions also tend to hide symptoms. Our bodies ALWAYS need TIME to heal. When taking antibiotics – it is possible for your pain to disappear while your infection is thriving. In a worst case scenario, your infection can morph and bury itself deep within you.

Natural medicine allows infection to leave your body quicker – which means that you may feel sicker longer. Detoxing bad infections is very painful. Allow yourself plenty of rest and proper hydration while healing.

The Best of Both Worlds

Most of us choose to combine modern medicine with a home remedies. You can detox and further heal your body after a round of antibiotics by adding probiotics and going on an alkaline diet. Of course, doubling up on the garlic and healing herbs is a great help during this period.

Natural Antibiotics that Fight Infection